OrelTech Launches World's First Palladium Conductive Ink

  • January 25, 2023
  • OrelTech
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OrelTech’s family of cutting-edge particle-free and cold-cured inks has a new member: printable palladium. OTech Palladium conductive ink, is the first commercially available of its kind. While printing silver and copper inks is already well established in many industries, primarily of course in printed electronics, inkjet printing of palladium has been unattainable up until now.

And just like all our products, also OTech Palladium has all the benefits of a particle-free and cold-cured ink: low-temperature Argon plasma curing saves energy and does not harm even the most sensitive substrates. Since no nanoparticles are involved, the ink’s production is very efficient and print heads do not clog, which increases throughput. The absence of any polymeric binders makes the resulting layers highly flexible, conductive and pure. 

Applications of OTech Palladium include:

  • use as seed layer for subsequent plating of copper. e.g. for PCB production with subtraction;
  • surface-maximizing deposition as catalytic component in hydrogen generation;
  • use for radar transparent circuits or as decorative layer.

We look forward to your query on OTech Palladium to achieve breakthrough innovation for your products.