Leave behind outdated manufacturing processes. ​

Choose OrelTech Metallization Solutions and benefit from:

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Adequate for any type of plastics (ABS, PLA, PET, PEEK, ...) and a wide range of substrates. ​

Room temperature

Low-temperature curing process that enables deposition on delicate substrates such as polymers, paper, or fabric.

Safe chemicals

Go beyond silver. Choose between silver, gold, platinum or palladium. No matter the choice, you benefit from the pure metal layers without organic contaminants.​

Energy savings

Save up to 95% of energy consumption during the curing step. Our particle-free formulation ensures that you’re purchasing a more sustainable product.

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To achieve flawless integration, we collaborate closely with our customers from first feasibility tests to fine-tuning mass production. In this way, our customers benefit from customized solution with added value and efficiency from process to product while lowering your environmental impact.

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